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If you’re mad about motorcycles, you’ve come to the right place

At Darbi we’re passionate about riding, it doesn’t matter whether it’s street, touring or off-road, we love it.

We’re lucky that we get to try out some of the best motorcycle gear and accessories available anywhere in the world. Every single piece of gear is tested, and when we say tested, we mean taking it to the limit, so that we can be confident that it’s right for New Zealand conditions and will satisfy even the most demanding Kiwi biker.

While this website is a fantastic resource and will give you advice and information to help you make the right choice about products, nothing beats a ‘hands on’ experience that your motorcycle dealer can offer you.

Buying off the internet is ok but if you are concerned about safety and the quality of the gear you buy, then trying gear on and then discussing it with an expert instore, who’s an enthusiast like yourself, is the best way to ensure you get the very best gear for your needs.

You’ll notice we have produced video reviews of our favourite products, Phil and Grahame (our product expert) demonstrates and describes the unique benefits to each product. When you are faced with such an overwhelming choice of gear on the market, it’s great that you can get an overview to make the choice easier for you.

The driving force behind Darbi is a passion for the very best motorcycle gear & accessories. We like to call this our ‘MOTOVATION’. So if you’re like us and expect the very best, why not explore the rest of this website and get Motovated.


ARHT Bromide 2015

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  • So you want to look cool and stay cool?
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  • Touring
  • Being prepared for NZ conditions is essential.
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  • Off Road
  • Experience some of the best off road biking in the world.
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